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Reading And Playing Games On Your Mobile At The Same Time

Remember back in the day you used to have those grand old things? They were called mobile phones, or some such name. And then, do you remember these. They were called books and newspapers. Ask any of the kids around you and they might look at you askew and say; huh, what’s that. Let’s be honest, just look at them. What are they doing? They seem to be reading, but where’s the books and prints. The thing is, it’s all on their mobile phones, well, what they used to call them anyhow. These days they’re called smart mobile devices.

And they’re called that on purpose, in more ways than one. These devices can still be used to phone your pals. You can also use them to listen to some music or take pics while on vacation. And while you’re having a go at Diggy’s Adventure, that’s one of the many games you can play on your mobile devices these days, you can be reading about it instagram followers here. And if you’re any good at it, you can read all about it here and see your name all in big lights.

The star of the show, the cream of the crop, but don’t be so feisty and hasty. Don’t go out trying to claim all the glory all to yourself. These kids are showing you guys a thing or two about great team building. Because as we speak, that’s what they’re doing. If one guy has just checked in looking for a new Diggy’s Adventure challenge, he’s looking out for new talent. He’s probably reading a few resumes as well. That’s serious.


They may not be huddling altogether in a corner; they can do this remotely, because they’ve still got their desk jobs to see to. They can strategize while they’re clacking away on their desktop. It’s called multitasking and they’re really good at it. If you’re short of those essential skills for the workplace you can use gaming as a cool practice run. It’s cool because while you’re honing your skills, you’re having a whole lot of fun.

Now, just because it’s all cartoons on your mobile’s screens doesn’t mean it’s child’s play. Because these games are quite challenging.