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Why I Like The Duratrans Method

There are many methods of developing film, and I have discovered over the years that some methods are better than others when it comes to getting the highest quality possible.  One method that I recently discovered is duratrans, which basically allows you to make a translucent image that can be lit from behind.  This is something that will add an extra flare to your photography, and that is why I have recently decided that this was the way that I was going to develop my pictures moving forward.  For someone like myself who likes to put their photography on display so that people can see it, I think that this is the best way to go about it.  My photography looks way better when I do this method.


One of the major benefits of developing film in this manner is the fact that it actually gives you a much higher resolution image than you would get if you were developing it in different ways.  This means that you never have to worry about the way that your photos will look when they are blown up into a larger size.  You will also be able to get the best possible quality, and the fact that you can add a backlight to them means that they will be even more stunning than they ever would have been without using this particular method.

You can get way more pixels than you would ever expect to get from regular photos, but it does come at a price.  You will have to work a lot harder and longer in order to perfect the method.  It takes its own level of skill, and so if you are not willing to learn how to do it properly, you are going to have a hard time figuring it out.  This is why it is so important to get the proper training before you start.

So long as you learn the right methods, however, you will be able to have excellent looking photos that stand out when compared to photos developed a different way.